There is a method of protection against many infections which is not expensive and which can be very effective. I am not generally into "alternative" therapies but Ravi Raju who is an extremely reliable source of information and who has had some years of experience with this technique and who has seen many spectacular cures has kindly shared the following information. The method involves the use of colloidal silver, which is a suspension of very, very tiny charged particles of pure silver suspended in distilled water. I have had e-mails from people who have had very satisfactory results, working from the information in this document.

Due to legal considerations, please understand that because the following information is presented here, it must not be considered to be a recommendation from me that you should follow the procedure or inhale, drink or in any other way use the resulting liquid. Nor are any representations made to the effectiveness or otherwise of this or any other related procedure. The following material must be considered to be presented here solely for information purposes and not a recommendation that you or anyone else should make or use this substance.

Having said that, let me explain how my friend Ravi has made and used colloidal silver very successfully for two years and experienced only highly positive effects from it.

Making Colloidal Silver.   In broad outline, all that is necessary is to apply 27 volts DC to two electrodes made from 99.99% pure silver, placed in distilled water for about ten minutes. The most simple equipment can be used to achieve this. This is the complete set-up:

Not exactly staggeringly difficult, is it? The batteries are not shown pressed together as they are when the apparatus is ready for use. When they are, it looks like this:

The components needed are: One glass tumbler or glass beaker capable of holding 200 ccs of water (see below). A length of solid wire which is 99.99% (or better) pure silver. Some distilled water. Two crocodile clips. Three small 9-volt batteries. Two battery connectors for the batteries (or the tops off old batteries of that type). A piece of fine emery paper or sandpaper. Some sterile cotton wool. One glass stirring rod (a glass thermometer will do).

Assembling the equipment:
  1. Connect the red positive lead of one of the battery connectors to one crocodile clip.
  2. Connect the black negative lead of the other battery connector to the other crocodile clip.
  3. Push the three batteries together as shown above and connect the battery connectors to the unconnected battery terminals. This produces a 27-volt DC supply between the two crocodile clips, so be careful not to allow them to touch each other and discharge the batteries.
  4. Cut two lengths of the silver wire slightly longer than the height of the tumbler and bend the tops over as shown.
  5. Silver tarnishes to a black colour and so needs to be cleaned using the emery paper or sandpaper. After it is scraped to produce a clean, shiny surface, and then clean any remaining particles off them, using the sterile cotton wool. Do not use any kind of chemicals to clean the silver - purity of water, silver and glassware is vital.
  6. Put about 200 ccs of distilled water into the tumbler. It is very important that the silver is 99.9% pure (or higher) and that nothing is added to it. For example, if the water contained a grain of salt, then the colloidal silver would react with the salt and make the treatment completely ineffective.
  7. Hook the silver wires over opposite sides of the tumbler as shown and grip them with the crocodile clips. It is an advantage if the bend of the wire grips the side of the glass container securely and the clip is attached so that it straddles the glass and strengthens the grip, holding the wire more securely in place.

Processing the water:
Using the glass stirring rod, keep stirring the water gently and after ten to thirteen minutes the water may have a uniform opaque appearance as shown here:

In most instances, the water remains perfectly clear and the colloidal silver is only seen when a laser pointer is shone through the water (the beam causes the silver particles to sparkle). Lift the silver wires gently out of the water and disconnect the crocodile clips. One wire will have a black coating due to oxygen being released on it's surface by the process and the other wire may have a grey coating. Clean the wires with the cotton wool, although a clean tissue also seems to work well. Be careful not to let the crocodile clips touch, and to play safe, either clip them to some non-conducting item or alternatively, unplug one of the batteries to disconnect the circuit. If the cleaned silver wires are placed in a clean, sealed, airtight plastic bag, then they will stay untarnished and not need additional cleaning before they are used again.

Using the water:
It is possible to take the water by taking two teaspoonfulls, holding it in the mouth for at least one minute and then swallowing it - that is the complete dosage. Holding it in the mouth is effective as it absorbs quickly through the thin skin covering the inside of the mouth, and doing this fully sterilises the whole of the mouth. However, a very much better way is to use a standard nebuliser as that makes sure that only the tiniest particles are absorbed. For this, the water is placed in the reservoir of an ordinary nebuliser:

The nebuliser is then assembled and switched on. The lungs are filled completely by breathing in through the nebuliser using the mouth. The next full breath is then taken through the nose. Doing this for 6 to 7 minutes is quite sufficient. This would normally be done once per day, just before going to bed at night, but if the infection is really severe, then twice per day is recommended. While it is possible to store the colloidal silver solution in a brown glass bottle placed in a cool dark cupboard, it is recommended that a new solution is made up each day. This is quick to do, and the main effect of the solution is caused by very minute charged particles of silver in the water. To be sure that the water is fully charged, it is definitely worth while to make up a new batch each time and if doing that, only a small amount of distilled water need be used.

When stirring the water, be sure not to brush the silver wire which gets the black coating as that can dislodge black particles which contaminate the water, turning it dark and making it unusable. If you are using a nebuliser which only takes a few ccs, then a smaller glass container and much less than 200 ccs can be processed, although more care is needed when stirring to avoid brushing against the wires.

While I am highly reluctant to make spectacular claims for this process - claims which will sound like a "snake oil" pitch, it is only reasonable that you should be aware of what the effects have been in past cases. As this information comes from a highly reliable and experienced source, it should be considered carefully no matter what your final opinion is.
  1. This process has cured cancer patients who have been diagnosed as being terminally ill.
  2. It has neutralised all known viruses and harmful bacteria, including AIDS.
  3. It has overcome chronic pain from arthritis.
  4. There is direct experience of six different people being cured of serious lung conditions.
  5. One person has had severe diabetes reduced to just a very mild form.

I do apologise for presenting a list like this, especially since some of these actual cases sound so improbable, but as these are genuine, bona fide results of treatment attested to by a most reliable source, it is difficult not to present the facts, no matter how difficult readers may find it to accept them.

The distilled water, glass stirring rod and should you want it, a calibrated beaker as shown in the photographs above, can be got from laboratory suppliers. At this time, suitable nebulisers can be bought on the internet for about 35. The 99.99% pure silver wire shown in the photographs above happens to be 2.36 mm (3/32") in diameter, but this diameter is not at all critical, although the purity of the silver is very important and should be at least 99.9% pure. Living in the UK, I bought mine from Cricklewood Electronics who are based in London (Cricklewood) and as the wire is so much thinner, I use two or more strands on each side of the tumbler. The overall wire length is quite small, only six inches (150 mm) being used on each side of the tumbler although you can use as many strands as you like.

Here are some additional facts about colloidal silver, prepared electrically as shown above:
  1. In July 2009, one of the members in a Yahoo forum reported that he had been infected with the swine 'flu virus via a relative. Using colloidal silver and one or two similar treatments (while avoiding anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E) he cleared the infection in just eighteen hours while the relative was still ill five days later.

  2. According to the US Environmental protection Agency Poison Control Center, this colloidal silver is considered harmless and a daily intake of 14 teaspoons of 5 parts per million colloidal silver is quite safe for the first 70 years. So, treating an infection with one teaspoon of colloidal silver per hour is perfectly safe. A normal treatment rate for an infection is a teaspoon dose three times per day, but clearly, a greater rate of intake is perfectly safe if you wish to raise the dosage. If that is the case, then stick to one teaspoon at a time and take it more often.

  3. Colloidal silver does more than just kill disease-causing organisms, it also promotes major bone growth and accelerates the healing of injured tissues by over 50%. It promotes healing in skin and other soft tissues in a way which is unlike any other known natural process. An example of this is the case of Glen Roundtree, a 32 year old man, who was clearing brush and trees in his parent's yard when some petrol left on his hands after filling the chain saw ignited. He burned for over 30 seconds as he tried to get the fire out. Glen suffered third degree burns on his hands and face. His mother's friend brought him some colloidal silver. He drank it and sprayed it on his face often. He was able to stop taking morphine immediately. Within three and a half weeks his recovery was so advanced that his hospital attendant did not believe he was the same burns patient. In less than three months his face was completely healed with absolutely no scarring. The planned re-constructive surgery for his melted nose and ear was cancelled.

  4. In the presence of colloidal silver, cancer cells change back to normal cells regardless of their location in the body. The presence of silver ions regenerates tissues and eliminates cancer cells and other abnormal cells. For many years, Dr Bjorn Nordstrom of Sweden's Karolinska Institute has used silver in his cancer treatment methods. He reports that he has successfully cured patients who had been diagnosed as "terminally ill" by other doctors. He also discovered that the silver was promoting the growth of a new kind of cell which looked like the cells of children. These cells grew fast, producing a diverse and surprising assortment of primitive cell forms able to multiply at great rate and then change into the specific cells of an organ or tissue which had been injured, even in patients over 50 years old. In no case were there any undesirable side effects. He also discovered that previously untreatable osteomyelitis and bones which refused to knit, could be healed quickly by applying a silver-impregnated nylon dressing attached to a small battery. This worked so well that it has become standard practice today when dealing with bones which refuse to knit.

  5. Dr Paul Farber suffered a tick bite which overnight, gave him the crippling Lyme's Disease. There was no satisfactory treatment so he searched medical literature to see if he could find anything to help. He finally found Dr Crookes' comments about colloidal silver killing a microbe in six minutes or less. He also found the research and development work done on colloidal silver by Dr Moyer, Dr Bretano and Dr Margraf. Dr Farber started taking colloidal silver with spectacular results, clearing the bacteria out of his body in a short time - colloidal silver kills the Lyme's Disease bacteria.

  6. When Czechoslovakia was under communist occupation, Soviet intelligence came across a domestic disinfectant which was capable of neutralising not only their existing biological weapons, but also those under development. The Soviets quickly dismantled the factory which was producing this product and moved the equipment, documentation and even the staff to the Soviet Union. Following this, no one heard of the disinfectant again. In a study of infected wells, it completely destroyed typhus, malaria, cholera, and amoebic dysentery. This domestic disinfectant is a variety of colloidal silver.

  7. Antibiotics have no impact whatsoever on viruses. This means that taking any antibiotic will have no effect on a viral infection. Worse still, many forms of bacteria are now resistant to most antibiotics. Colloidal silver will kill both and boost your natural immune system at the same time.
It should be noted that colloidal silver offered for sale is seldom of adequate quality, so it is highly recommended that you make your own if you want to use it. Any types of batteries can be used and the equipment is very cheap.