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Ether No ´solid´ materia nor particles are existing really but only one single basic-substance is really given. Some motion-pattern of that ether represent physical appearances, other pattern represent mental-spiritual content. Properties of that gapless plasma and its motions are discussed here.
Free  Energy Today´s technology only transfers energies of one shape into another shape - with known practical losses. Energy-surplus can not be ´produced´, however increased benefit can be achieved - without consumption of source of energy. Multiple possibilities for using given energies are shown here. Update 20. February 2010:

Gravity is different !

Gravity works quite other kind, because based on motion-structures of aether

Ether - Physics
and - Philosophy
Unique theory understanding ether as real substance and real plasma-continuum.
Also available as Book.
These topics are completed continuously.
Ether-Continuum-Theory Early version of considerations concerning ether
Perpetuum Mobile, Fluid-Technology Early considerations regarding mechanical and fluid machines, however see also following item
Fluid-Machines /
Free Energy
New sections of ether-physics, parts 05. Particle-Movement, 06. Implosion- und 07. Fluid-Machines

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Menue  Gravity and Rotor-Systems, Fluid-Technology
Perpetuum Mobile  
Energy by Gravity Forces Documenting principles for construction of Bessler-Wheels, e.g. based on Bruce DePalma´s Spinning-Balls, see especially the Ring-Link Gravity-Engine designed in 2009
Perpetuum Mobile Essentials, Remote Viewing, Mechanical Oszillator, Wheels at Tracks moved, etc.
- Consequences Mechanical Oszillators, Don Martin and Edge-Ring-Generator, Schauberger and Edge-Ring-Turbine
- Appendix Rhönrad-Motor, Moon-Gears, general principles for using Free Energy (PM 3.+4.Kind), Resonance-Turbine and Electrostatic-Generator, autonomous working Suction-Turbine
- Gravity-Machines Buckle- and Double-Connecting Rod, Fall-Curves, Remote-Viewing
Introduction Some remarks to rotor-pages of that website
Summary Some brief information of topics of these rotor-pages
Physics of slinging Comprehensive description of essential effects
Crop-Circles Analyses to rotor-systems and ´Three Halfmoons´
Sling and swing Further considerations for solutions
Würth-Rotor-Systems Descriptions 1998 / 99 concerning Würth machines (only in German)
Appendix Rotor-Technology Development since 2000, e.g. concerning Bessler-Wheel
Problems Know effects of fluid-flows, explanation, approach
Inventions Topics of inventions, principles of constructional elements
Download Texts and pictures available for download
Details Table of content and brief description of inventions
Projects Proposals for most interesting machines, only in German
Wind- and Water-Power Criteria for better usage of wind-power, only in German
Appendix Fluid-Technology Pneumatic Water-Turbine, Backstroke- and Pulse-Turbine


Basic Substance   Ether


Ether is unique real existing matter. All ether of universe is in steady swinging Universal Ether-Movement at quant-small spiral tracks. This omnipresent basic swinging motion functions ordering (analogue to points of view of Global Scaling).

Potential-Vortex-Cloud Local limited swinging motions occur at more coarse tracks, which in principle show pattern of ´Potential-Vortex-Cloud´, e.g. in shape of galaxies, sun-systems or like electrons work (by quite new shape of vortices). Depending on character of this local motions, diverse (coarse-matter) occurrences result physical ´fields´ or radiation etc.

Ether is real plasma-continuum, thus gapless and undividable (unique properties, because also this substance is unique matter, nowhere else described like here). Only based at these facts, highly limited possibilities of motions result, which are reasons for compelling nature laws, e.g. right-angled effects of electromagnetic appearances.

There are also ´fine-matter´ Potential-Vortex-Clouds, which represent mental-spiritual content. These are also really manifest like physical occurrences, both by movements of same real matter of ether. These vortices of ´high vibrations´ can multiple overlay and affect morphogenetic (analogue Sheldrake).

This view of ether allows to explain many phenomena based at real motion´s processes (instead of common pure abstract hypotheses). This ether is medium for materia like spirit, both are appearances of vortex-structures only of different ´frequencies´.

So quite real and absolutely direct ´everything is bound to anything´. New ethic (of age-old values) results inevitably by this world-view. This new view of world is described at Ether-Physics and -Philosophy of this website (which is permanently updated).


Free   Energy


Present-day technologies transfer energy only from one shape to an other shape and thus are bound to limitation of energy-constant. No additional energy can ever be ´produced´, however energies practically are ´destroyed´ e.g. by worthless waste-heat. This also is valid at technologies for using ´regenerative energy-sources´. So never can exist a ´Perpetuum Mobile´ and efficiency of all machines is smaller than hundred percent all times.

At the other hand machines are available which achieve benefits e.g. three times higher than demanded energy input. Any heat-pump produces surplus-heat (or usable coldness) from ´worthless and free-of-charge´ environmental heat. Discussions about Perpetuum Mobile are fixed at - impossible - generating of energy-surplus. So fact got lost, the only problem is to achieve surplus-benefits - like aim of all common machines with their usual ´energy-losses´.



Despite of that discussion, there were and are countless ´inventions´ of Perpetuum Mobile. A man named Bessler for example did show several self-running wheels hundred years ago. Many inventors did try to solve his secrete and to build an autonomous running engine by pure mechanics. I also made multiple proposals for construction of Bessler-Wheel, partly based on crop-circle pictures or even based on Remote-Viewing.

However laws of mechanics are thus strong, also my suggestions for rotor-systems mostly are not usable. So most considerations - see previous menu or listed at Index / Sitemap - thus are result of pure wishful thinking. Only some few designs might be good, like mentioned at, e.g. that ´Rhönrad´ - or the ´Link-Ring Gravity-Engine´ finally designed in 2009.

Evert Electrostatic-Generator Nevertheless, already at these considerations I found basic principle how to use side-effects like defined by ´Perpetuum Mobile Third and Forth Kind´: at nature exist equalities, which are easy to disturb. If disturbance is stopped, system ´by itself´ falls back into state of equality - and that act represents Free Energy. Good example might be that ´Electrostatic-Generator´, however within all sections of physics analogue usage of such side-effects should be possible - without reducing original energies.


Previous strong mechanical laws are valid only by parts at fluid-machines and some additional possibilities come up. This was pointed out and used especially by great nature-explorer Viktor Schauberger. Based on his ideas I wrote a ´Fluid-Technology´ which was first item of that website. Already in 1998, I described how fluid is guided through pipes in optimum shape, how solid bodies swim or fly through fluid at its best or how fluid-machines should be build. There are listed many clues which even today are rather valuable.

Ten years later I developed my Ether-Physics where - opposite to nearby all other researchers - I understand ether to be real gapless plasma. Within that part-less medium movement-possibilities are limited respective rather complex. So for easier understanding I made up some examples from ´particle-world´- and thus new fluid-technology of quite new quality did result.

Opposite to solid bodies (and their rigid mechanics) particles of fluids are steady moving, thus internal representing huge potential of kinetic energy. Vectors of that just normal molecular motions are easy to order by few energy-input or even by passive measurements e.g. simply by fitting contours of surfaces. So structured flows come up and their dynamic pressures are usable for external benefits.

Real alternative solution for using Free Energy thus only demands a starting trigger, so surplus of benefits are achieved by given forces - only by side-effects and without consumption of original energy. For example, suction-effects are decisive elements, contrary to common technologies which are based on usage of pressures, e.g. like combustion-engines work. That potential of Free Energies here is described in details at Ether-Physics, there at comprehensive parts Particle-Movement, Implosion-Machines and Fluid-Machines. Many of my claims published there, meanwhile are approved by experiments - however up to now no complete machine is available.

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